Our Philosophy

Patents are Driving Forces
of Innovation

In a technology based economy, a well-designed patent is ultimately a driving force for the client’s growth and evolution. At S+B, Patent Drafting and Prosecution is not just about writing documents.
Our mission is to design and engineer patents that transform inventions into engines of growth that support the clients’ expansion and success.

We Understand the Essence
of Innovation

We use a reasoned understanding of the technology and an insight of the client’s inner workings to identify a path of innovation for the client around which we engineer customized patent solutions in support of the client’s advancement, development and growth.

Clients' Unique Goals
and Structure are Key

With a series of very different innovators and technologies from around the world: our approaches and methods are built around a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations. This enables us to provide strategic business advice and technical insight, tailored for our clients.

A Patent Vision without Borders

We offer clients the unique expertise of our lawyers that comes from direct experience with the U.S. and European patent systems as well as experience with other foreign countries, thus allowing a patent vision without borders.
Our international experience and expertise allows us to not only know the right answers but also the right questions, taking the lead in safeguarding the clients’ interests in the prosecution and patent analysis processes and in ensuring worldwide patent protection of the clients’ assets.

A Different Place

At S+B, we think from the end, and our end is designing a work product that is tailored to the client. Our thinking process is driven by the client’s technology and strategic goals, requiring not only multidisciplinary knowledge, but also the ability to see different points of view. The hybrid multi-disciplinary environment we’ve built challenges us every day to think differently. It fosters a competitive mindset, responsiveness, and fresh thinking that industries need.

Partners in Innovation

We believe in a work product that is the result of teamwork performed in tight collaboration with the clients’ R&D and business teams.
By working together creatively from the start we combine our knowledge to devise integrated solutions and to provide answers and solve problems in a clear, complete and understandable manner.