Our Practice

A different place

From day one, we have forged a strong company culture, developing agile and client-centered methods that draw from the best practices of disruptive innovation labs and design companies, rather than from a traditional IP law firm’s paradigm.

The Patent Designers

We ultimately see ourselves as Patent Designers who leverage the functions and workings of inventions, designing and engineering IP assets as engines of growth for the innovators we serve.

A Competitive Mindset

We work at the intersection of law, science, technology, and business, with the goal of achieving uncompromising excellence. We think differently and foster a competitive mindset, responsiveness, and fresh thinking that industries need.

A Passion for Excellence

We are working with leading innovators from around the world and with sophisticated next generation technologies to support and guide our clients to achieve their goals.

Key Areas of Expertise

Patents Draftings

To protect clients’ products, methods and technologies to support the clients’ goals. We utilize our technological expertise to work with the inventors and gain a full understanding of the technical aspects and features of the invention.

We coordinate with the clients’ R&D, Business and Legal teams to design patent applications in line with the clients’ perspective and in support of the clients’ plan of action on the protected technology.

Research and Advice

To support clients’ internal and external activities related to developments and placement of clients’ innovations.

We provide advice on patentability, infringement, and freedom to operate with reference to various technologies.

We can also assist our clients with internal procedures related to the preparation of patent applications and improving the corporate culture of the clients to foster the development of intellectual property.

Prosecution Strategies

To defend the invention in accordance with the clients’ current assessment on the technology.

When dealing with office actions we work with the client R&D, Business and Legal teams to fully understand the clients’ value and prospective on a claimed invention.

We then design replies that are tailored to secure protection of the invention in line with the clients’ current needs and objectives.

Global Patent Portfolio Management

To provide the clients with patent protection wherever the clients require protection.

We design claims, applications, responses and related strategies for portfolios comprising applictions and patents across multiple countries.

Our international expertise provides us with an insight on the best means to achieve the clients’ objective and design strategies to support the clients’ plans and activities worldwide related to a claimed invention.

Patent Filing Strategies

To secure coverage of the invention in countries of the clients’ interest, through the most appropriate instruments and in accordance with the clients’ objectives.

We work with the clients to understand their vision and business plans, to provide them with the coverage they need, where they need it.

We provide patent filing strategies that support and foster the clients’ action, with respect to the protected technologies.

Representative Experience

We love challenges, and in particular the challege of providing legal protection for high-tech and breakthrough inventions. We enjoy working with world’s leading innovators and sophisticated technologies.

Analysis of an international patent portfolio, covering an active principle for treating heart diseases, made in support of licensing and assignment mulit-party negotiations. Identifying drafting and prosecution strategies to optimally cover the product.

Patent drafting and prosecution strategy for RF front-end circuitry used in in-market mobile phones.

Patent drafting and prosecution covering a drug product for a large Pharmaceutical company.

Ensuring patent protection for Mars Exploration Rovers.

Ensuring patent protection for quantum computers and crafting related prosecution strategy.

Crafting prosecution and appeal strategies to cover Biosoftware on behalf of a world-renowned science and engineering Institute.

Post-appeal prosecution strategy for an international manufacturing company seeking protection for industrial software technology.

Innovators Working With our Team

A world-renowned science and engineering university that marshals some of the world's brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions and pressing societal challenges.

A leading US laboratory in stockpile science and finding solutions to the nation's most challenging security problems.

A US company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio and video encoding/compression.

A leading fabless provider of high-performance, radio frequency integrated circuits.

An international company with a worldwide footprint providing glass and glazing products and services for car makers and other applications.

A large Pharmaceutical company with a commitment to advanced research, to opening up new roads in health and technology, and to development with a global vision.

A multinational manufacturer specialized in rubber and derivative processes and products.

A leading US center for robotic exploration, providing instruments for carrying out planetary and space-based missions, as well as facilitating Earth science projects.